▷Tips For Maintaining Your San Diego Septic Tank System

Tips For Maintaining Your San Diego Septic Tank System

Tips For Maintaining Your San Diego Septic Tank System

Your septic tank is a vital feature of your home that requires regular maintenance to keep it in good operating order. It is recommended that you pump your septic tank regularly, clear away debris using water jetting, and have a service professional inspect it regularly to keep it in good operating order.

– Pump your septic tank regularly. It would help if you pumped it once every three to five years for maintenance purposes, and you may need to do so more often, depending on how big the household is.

– Clear debris using water jetting. The best time to clear away leaves and other debris from the drain field is in the fall before they decay over the winter. Still, if you don’t have this service done right away, you can do it yourself using water jetting equipment that shoots powerful jets of water into your drain field to dislodge any gunk that has collected there.

– Take part in a soil inspection program run by your county or state department of health. At least once every few years, they will send an inspector out to your property to check the status of your septic tank and drain field. This is a great way to learn about maintenance tips and what maintenance you should have done.

– Get maintenance done by a service professional if you are not able or willing to do it yourself. A service professional will know how to care for and maintain your system properly. They will be able to spot any problems that could cause potential damage to the surrounding area of your home. For instance, cracks in pipes or other structural issues inside your tank. Our expert plumbers can help you. 

How Often Should I Pump My Septic Tank?

The maintenance schedule for pumping out a septic tank varies depending on the number of people living in the house, but most experts agree that you should try to pump it three to five years after installation. If you have a single-family home, you may be able to get away with pumping the tank less often as long as there are no significant issues or problems with maintenance and upkeep.

How Do I Clean My Septic System?

A thorough cleaning of your septic system should be conducted every few years, at least by having your drain field inspected for damage or debris that can clog up the tubes and cause a malfunction. You will also need to empty your tank when you clean it so that maintenance professionals can examine it inside the tank itself. Having maintenance done on your septic system is vital to keeping it in good working order over several decades.


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