Hydrostatic Test

What is a hydrostatic test?

As undesirable as a leaking sewer pipe is , it is also something very hard to avoid. In fact , in just 2000 there were approximately 365 sewer spills in Chula Vista alone mainly due to the ageing sewer infrastructure.

As homeowners , it is crucial to detect a plumbing leak as soon as it occurs in order to avoid extensive damage, extended water loss and high repair costs and an uncalled for rise in water bills. Therefore , when leaks are suspected , plumbers usually perform a technique called a hydrostatic test. This technique uses water pressure to detect any leaks in the pipelines of your houses. This way helps you take suitable measures in order to fix and repair the damage causing leaks.

How is a hydrostatic test performed?

Now that we know what the hydrostatic test does , we’ll see how it is performed.  In order to perform the test, the main sewer pipeline of your house must be located. Once the main line is located our plumber will insert an inflatable ball in the pipeline and inflate it , the inflated ball will act as a plug , stopping water drainage.

After this step is achieved, our plumber will then fill the sewer system with water until it reaches the edge of your houses’ slab foundation. The water level will be carefully monitored for 15 minutes.

During these 15 minutes if the water level drops or does not fill up to the edge of the slab foundation, it is likely due to one or more leaks in your sewage lines and the sewer system of your house is in dire need for repair. 

When should a hydrostatic test be performed ?

Like a human body , a house can show you clear signs of damage due to various causes. Sewer leaks can show prominent damage around the house and can be caused by old pipelines , low maintenance of pipes , tree root intrusions and/or soil shifting. A leak under your home can cause unwanted changes around the place. These changes can also prove to be dangerous for health and property if not fixed promptly. Some of such changes are : 

  • Noticeable cracks in the foundations of your house
  • Dampening of floorings and carpets
  • Molds 
  • Unpleasant odor.
  • Increase in water bills


These changes point towards possible leaks in the system.

If left unfixed, they can cause drastic damage to the foundation and sewage system of your house. This is why a hydrostatic test should be performed as soon as a leak is suspected.


If you fear there might be a leak under your house and require a hydrostatic test in Chula Vista, our team of experts at Chula Vista 1st Response Plumbing will provide consultation on leak detection as well as repairs. 

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