▷"Pinhole" Leak In Your Copper Pipes In San Diego

Be Cautious Of The “Pinhole” Leak In Your Copper Pipes In San Diego

Be Cautious of the Pinhole Leak in Your Copper Pipes

Some people don’t take minor leaks seriously, and there is no such thing as a minor leak. There is a saying that “A shoo-in time saves nine” similarly, it is applicable for minor leaks. A leak can vary in radius, but we can not ignore even a drip from pipes in the house. A small but continuous drop can do a lot of damage to the structure of the house. Since it’s difficult to notice these small leaks, the wisest thing to do is to call 1st Response Plumber and ask help from their experts for Leak Detection San Diego CA right away. A small leak requires proper attention, and a pinhole leak is at the top of the list. Pinhole leaks are tiny to observe, but they can cause severe damage to the building.

Copper Pipes Can Corrode

The pinhole leak in the copper pipes is called formicary corrosion. According to the myth, copper does not corrode, but that myth gets broken here as pinhole leaks occur in copper pipes. Copper has the properties to resist corrosion but is not wholly corrosion-proof. Because of its resistant properties, copper has more extended durability and a slow decaying rate than other metals like iron and steel but still reacts to certain soil types.

Formicary Corrosion At Work

The main reason for the formicary corrosion is ambiguous, but the main element is formaldehyde. The reaction of copper with formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds is causing corrosion. With many volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde is present in the house’s atmosphere, while its source can’t be narrow down to some specific factor. 

Small and weak gray spots appear on copper pipes because of formicary corrosion. These gray spots are not visible to the naked eye and allow them to escape from regular observation. Cooling air conditioners get greatly affected because of this corrosion. The water starts to drip out of copper wire after formicary corrosion weakens the walls.

Fixing Pinhole Leaks

There are several kinds of indications to identify the pinhole leak. Among many signs, the first indication is the discoloring of walls or ceiling near the points of a pinhole leak. The second one will be a bit odd as you will start to see mold and mildew growing at a strange place where it is not supposed to be. These indications can be seen in several places wherever pinhole leaks would be.

The leakages that most people consider minor and rarely get fixed can be the cause of the most complex plumbing issues that you may face. Plumbing leaks are the stage setters for future deuteration of your house and office. If you ever notice a leak, call us at (858) 203-0930 or fill out our website’s contact details for Leak Detection San Diego CA. Trust 1st Response Plumber for all of your plumbing needs.