▷7 Signs Of Plumbing Leaks Below The Foundation In San Diego

7 Signs Of Plumbing Leaks Below The Foundation In San Diego

7 Signs Of Plumbing Leaks Below The Foundation In San Diego

A slab leak can occur anywhere a pipe runs under a concrete slab. But they are more likely to happen in old homes. However, they do occur in new construction as well. How can you tell if you have a slab leak?

Here are a few signs that you must not ignore if you think you leak into your slab foundation.

A Decrease In Water Pressure

When water begins leaking, it makes the pressure in your pipes decrease. A hidden leak can make it tough to detect where the issue lies. If you have no apparent reason why your water pressure is dropping, it is time for you to call a professional to come out and take a look. Searching for a slab leak early can avoid major issues in the long run.

Water In Unexpected Places

Are you searching for pooling or flowing water in places it’s never been seen before? Water always heads for the lowest point. If it starts collecting under the foundation, it will eventually begin flowing out from under the slab. That’s a sign with certainty that you have a slab leak.

Mold Or Mildew, Seen And Unseen

Damp conditions are ideal for mold and mildew to grow. You may spot some black dots developing on the carpet or the bottom of the drywall. You may not see it at all, but the scent may be disgusting. If you can smell a musty odor that wasn’t there before, you may have a slab leak that you were unaware of.

Constantly Running Water Heater

If you have a hot water pipe that is developing a leak under the slab, the chances are that your water heater may be working overtime. You may notice your gas or electric bill increasing along with the water bill. All of these are the signs that you may have a slab leak.

Get a plumber out to search for the leak and get it repaired immediately. Then you can fix your floors and get back to your everyday life without any more hurdles.

Unexplained Damage To Your Home

If you see a new crack developing on one of your walls, doors in a part of the house are starting to stick, the floor is getting damp in one spot, we must tell you that all of these damages are signs of a hidden leak in your slab foundation.

1st Response Plumber utilizes no-dig trenchless plumbing technology, with conventional excavation and re-routing techniques, to replace old systems externally, with no cosmetic harm to the interior of your home.


Trust the team of professional plumbers at 1st Response Plumber. You can call us to ask for a free inspection with one of our plumbing slab leak technicians for more information.