▷The Importance Of PVC Pipes San Diego

The Importance Of PVC Pipes San Diego

The Importance Of PVC Pipes San Diego

The materials used for plumbing pipes through the ages have an exciting history. The stories evolve from using lead and clay in the early days and later finding out about lead poisoning to using polybutylene in the 70s. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of using PVC piping for your plumbing needs. 

What Are Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes?

These pipes are made from a thermoplastic polymer, in other words, it is made out of plastic and vinyl. They work well with highly-pressurized water and work in various applications. These pipes are ideal for drainage lines, water systems, and underground plumbing. They don’t move or bend very quickly, which is why they are prevalent in earthquake-prone areas.

Benefits of PVC Pipes

Resistance to Corrosion

Many piping materials face eventual corrosion, which can then threaten the integrity of drinking water. This is where PVC pipes shine. They are immune to underground external and internal corrosion. PVC piping has proven to have the lowest pipe break rate when compared to cast iron, ductile iron, etc. 

Resistance to Chemicals

PVC pipes also show excellent resistance to chemical reagents and disinfectant chemicals. This makes them a top choice for most water infrastructure projects as they can carry the most strong acids, alkalis, aqueous solutions, and much more. 

Low Cost

Not only are the pipes themselves less expensive than other materials, but because they offer low breakage rates and a high life cycle. PVC pipes reduce the need for maintenance. Installation is also cheaper, as they are quicker to install, and transportation is more affordable too because they are light-weight.

Handle Heavy Loads & Resistant to Tree Roots

This piping is very flexible and can bend without breaking. PVC pipes are more resistant to root intrusion and, because the joints are fitted so tightly, they are also leak-free. PVC piping is not affected by the settlement of backfill around the pipe.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Using PVC Piping?

The disadvantages are few, but it’s only fair to mention them.

  •  Warping: It is not well-equipped to transport hot water. 
  •  Size: The sizing options for PVC pipes are limited, and the fittings used to connect PVC pipes tend to be bulky.

This is a problem if you are working with tight spaces. 

As you can see, with only two cons on the list, PVC Piping and plumbing is a product of modern technology. Due to its number of advantages, PVC pipes are an obvious choice for new piping or to replace other old pipe options. 

Call The Experts

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