▷4 Symptoms That Your Drain Needs Cleaning In San Diego

4 Symptoms That Your Drain Needs Cleaning In San Diego

4 Symptoms That Your Drain Needs Cleaning In San Diego

Like every other component of your home, the drains will require upkeep as they become disorganized. There are many things that can cause a drain to block, such as loose hairs, food particles, and dry cleaning materials. Consider using store-bought drain cleaners to clear the pipes before calling a plumber. These chemical cleansers serve only as a bandage and never deal with the root of the problem. Fortunately, you can get help with drain clogs and a qualified drain cleaner from 1st Response Plumbing. But how can you tell if the circumstance has changed? especially past a slow toilet and requires a plumber’s services? Here are four indicators that your drains may need to be cleaned by a professional:

  • Reverse Draining

One of the most reliable signs of clogged pipes is slower drainage. If so, how quickly is the water draining from your bathroom or sink? After a run, does your dishwasher or laundry machine already have a lot of water? This is not only annoying, but it also suggests that there is a plumbing obstruction. Professional drain cleaning will free your drains of obstructions and enable water to flow easily into your pipes.

  • Backward Drain

Water that needs to be drained may return after drain cleaning. You could have gurgling toilets or a sewage-filled basin. Backing up water in the sink is a sign that it needs to be cleaned.

  • Sewage Odors

One of the most unsettling and obvious signs of a clogged pipe is the smell of refuse. Everything that travels down the drains accumulates and rots in the pipes when they become clogged. Living in a hotter environment can make this a lot more obnoxious and revolting. If you detect sewage inside your home, you need to take immediate action.

  • Disturbing Sounds

Your drains may start to produce odd noises if they become clogged. Water may be forced to flow through tight spaces or shift course when drains become clogged. As a consequence, strange bubbling or gurgling sounds may be produced.


What Happens If You Don’t Maintain Your Drains?

Leaving your drains unmaintained can result in severe clogs or even a blockage which could lead to damage to your pipes, a decrease in the quality of your water, and potential health risks.

How Often Should You Have Your Sewer Lines Cleaned?

A good general rule is to have your home’s sewer lines cleaned out every 18 to 22 months. That may be difficult to remember, but think of it as a year and a half to slightly less than two years.

What Is Best For Plumbing Drains?

Drain cleaner should never be used in standing water in toilets or clogged showers. Drain cleaners cause internal and external damage to your home’s plumbing system. Leftover chemicals can eat away at the finishes of sinks and toilets.


Our trained technicians at 1st Response Plumbing have the tools necessary for the task and can use them instead of ineffective drain cleaners. We have hydro jets to clear the clog and sewage line monitoring cameras that can peer deep inside the conduit.

To find out more about how our professionals can assist with plumbing services in San Diego, CA, give 1st Response Plumber a call right away.

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