▷How To Fix A San Diego Clog In Your Garage Floor Drain

How To Fix A San Diego Clog In Your Garage Floor Drain


Garage floor drains to keep your garage floors dry. They remoHow To Fix A San Diego Clog In Your Garage Floor Drainve water from the garage area and direct it towards the main drain, usually outside of the house. You can expect your floor to be wet at least twice per year as part of normal household activities such as washing cars or cleaning up after a storm.

How To Unclog A Garage Floor Drain

Step 1 – Remove any obstacles that may be blocking the flow of water into or out of your floor drain. These can include leaves, weeds, or other debris.

Step 2 – Make sure your floor’s drain is installed at least 8 inches from the wall and 4 inches higher than any standing water. You want to have enough room around it for you to reach in with a snake or plumber’s helper tool. This will help protect your garage cabinet walls from damage during clog removal efforts.

Step 3 – Find the lowest point in your garage floor drain. This will be where any water flows into it from a vehicle or puddle that has accumulated on your garage floor.

Step 4 – Insert the snake tool into the drain opening, and twist until you feel resistance (your clog). Keep moving backward with twisting motions trying to remove whatever is clogging your drain. Water should begin flowing again as soon as you clear whatever is blocking it.

You can clean your garage floor drain whenever you do another routine cleaning. An easy way to know when it needs to be cleaned is by checking for any slight discoloration of the water coming from the drain. Our plumbers can help. 

The most important thing to remember when unclogging a garage floor drain is that prevention also helps with finding solutions quickly.

When To Call A Plumber To Unclog Your Garage Floor Drain

If your floor drain doesn’t have the correct slope to allow water run-off, you may not be able to unclog it without help. The best thing you can do here is called a plumber for further assistance. 

A sloped floor drain will allow any standing water in your garage to flow directly into the main house drain instead of pooling up on your garage floor. This can successfully prevent clogs from occurring and save you from having repairs like this done by a professional.


Our experts at 1st Response Plumber in San Diego are experienced in clearing any type of clog, no matter how severe the problem is. We offer emergency services that get you back to work or play as quickly as possible with no worries about further damage. 

If your garage floor drain needs to be cleaned or replaced, please give us a call at (858) 203-0930 for a free quote.