▷Why Your San Diego Drain Field Needs Maintenance

Why Your San Diego Drain Field Needs Maintenance

Why Your San Diego Drain Field Needs Maintenance

The most crucial component of your septic tank drainage system is the drain field. The drain field is a system of perforated pipes in the ground that are in trenches and surrounded by soil. The drain field is the key part of your sewage system that can result in the entire operation to collapse and cost homeowners thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

The septic tank treatment process takes place within a special tank designed for this purpose, which eliminates harmful bacteria from the water used by homes. Septic tanks operate best at certain levels. 

When they are overfilled, as commonly occurs during heavy rains or snowmelt periods, they become overloaded with liquids and solids, which then flow into nearby seepage fields instead of flowing out freely through the outlet pipe. Because of this, the septic tank must be pumped more frequently, which costs money and also requires significant amounts of energy. Our plumbers can help you. 

What Happens When Your Septic System Is Overloaded?

When a septic tank is not properly maintained or overloaded by the user, it can cause serious drain field problems. When that occurs, wastewater from homes flows into the ground instead of trickling out through the outlet pipe to where it would eventually enter an approved sewage treatment facility. This causes drain fields to fail prematurely and enables pathogens in sewage matter to spread throughout nearby waterways or groundwater wells.

Your Septic Tank Relies On The Drain Field

A drain field is a series of buried perforated pipes that carry wastewater to an area of soil, where the water can then be absorbed. A properly functioning system will have absorption areas on both sides of your home or a minimum distance of fifty feet between fields.

The Septic System Requires A Clean Tank And Working Pipe Systems 

A clean septic tank is necessary. If solid waste builds up within the tank, it may block the suffusion of wastewater out of the drainage field. In addition, a clogged outlet pipe or drain field can cause sewer backups into homes. It’s important to keep these pipes and tanks in sound condition because each one plays a critical role in your entire system functioning properly.

Failure To Maintain Your Drain Field

If you do not clean and sanitize your septic tank regularly, or if you allow it to overload, then the entire sewage treatment system will become dysfunctional. There are a number of warning signs that should alert homeowners to the need for repair work before any damage occurs.

This includes having sudden sewer backups into homes or failing toilets. Such events point directly to problems with the drain field or the pipes leading from it. If these areas are clogged with solid waste, pathogenic materials have a greater chance of entering local waterways. 


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