How to Prevent Backflow in Chula Vista

What Causes Backflow and How to Prevent It?


A very common problem in the early 19th century was the backflow of water through pipes. After someone has washed and drained the waste, it gathers in the pipe and flows back to the top; Either be a sink or a toilet. This problem has caused the people serious problems. It would damage the interior, fill washrooms and kitchens with waste – Plus gives the house a stinky odor.

With the advancement in plumbing technology, backflow prevention systems got introduced. Their only task after installation was to prevent the backflow, by ensuring that water flows in a single direction. For example, the water tank you have installed gets full, the prevention system installed by the city water supply pauses the inflow and stops the backflow too. It does not let the excess water push backwards; Go back to the supplying origin.

Why Important?

The backflow prevention devices not protect the washrooms and kitchens but it also helps the town remain healthy. If water flows to a field. After the field is filled with water, the excess water starts flowing back to the water supply; Where it gets mixed with clean drinking water. would not that be chaotic? – Drinking water filled with fertilizer and pesticides.

That is why backflow prevention devices are very important because they do not let human waste, fertilizers or any other waste get mixed in the supply tank. It protects both households and the general public in all ways.

Types of Prevention devices

There are a number of backflow prevention devices for different situations and places. Some of these are introduced below.

Reduced pressure zone backflow device

This is the type of device that is used in high risk places. It has two valves, just in case one malfunctions, the other opens are drains; In order to contain the situation. It’s a very effective device with backup provided within.

Double Check Backflow Device 

It is the most common and simple type of prevention device that is used as a double quality inspector. It has two check valves in a completely closed body — two layers of backflow protection. It layers, protects the system.

Residential Dual Check Valve 

Residential dual check valves are a lot different from the normal spring check you are used to installing that only has one spring check. They are a small device that has two check valves in line. It is a small but very effective device.


It’s not a very complicated task to prevent backflow. As you are not required to do a lot of things. All you need to do is to get an air gap backflow prevention device installed at your house. And relax. An air gap is simply an open vertical space between any device that connects to a plumbing system (like a valve or faucet) and any place where contaminated water can collect or pool.  But the devices vary according to situations. So you must consult a professional before deciding which preventive device to install. Also be aware of the maintenance of the device and get it checked time to time. 1st Response Plumbing is a company that is highly recommended by local communities and individuals. We provide affordable drain services in Chula Vista. If you’re looking for the best plumbers in town, contact us right away.