Latest Advancements in Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Grease and soap buildup, mineral scale formation, hair, lint, dirt, debris, objects getting flushed, tree root invasions, etc. – we can honestly say that drain or sewer blockages did not change too much. However, drain cleaning and maintenance technology improved a lot.

For sure, as a responsible homeowner you have already heard about hydro jetting and sewer camera inspection, but there are other technological improvements even in the classic drain snaking. Let’s explore these four latest advancements and how they can help in mainline cleaning.

The new liquid drain cleaners

They’re not based on harsh acid or lye anymore but bleach. Thus, these do not attack the metal or plastic pipes and work fairly well on hair or lint or similar debris. For fighting grease, we recommend the newer enzyme-based products and some patience, because they may require several cleaning cycles.

Drain snakes are now electrical

Some models can extend to 100 feet or more, cutting and cleaning even those blockages that are hardest to reach, down on the mainline. Stronger and sharper blades and more efficient motors allow the advanced snakes to punch a hole through any blockage. However, they do not completely clean the pipes and when used by a beginner they might physically damage the drains.

Hydro jetting

The only tech that completely cleans the pipes inside. We strongly recommend it both for mainline maintenance and mainline cleaning. With a pump that boosts the water pressure to up to 4000 psi, hydro jetting blasts away everything, including roots. The process protects your pipes and it is eco-friendly.

The latest sewer inspection cameras

They’re high-resolution color with high-performance lighting. They are suitable for 2-inch up to 12-inch drain lines, and they can reach 300 feet or more down the drains. No pipe problem can escape the camera inspection. Identifying and locating an issue on the pipes is essential in deciding what cleaning or repairing measures to take.

At 1st Response, we work with the latest tech in drain and sewer cleaning. Read more about our residential drain cleaning services and schedule a mainline maintenance session.