▷Water Heater Maintenance Checklist With 1st Response Plumber

Water Heater Maintenance Checklist With 1st Response Plumber

Water Heater Maintenance Checklist With 1st Response Plumber

Even imagining our lives without a water heater is challenging. Everybody needs a hot water shower after a long tiring day. The water heater is available in almost every house. Still, most people forget their water heaters after installation and do not pay any attention to the maintenance of water heaters, which affects their operation and decreases their lifespan. If you want it to work correctly for a long time, maintaining the water heater regularly is critical. Call 1st Response Plumber for Water Heater Installation San Diego CA and maintenance.

If you like to improve your water heater’s lifetime, you have to follow these useful tips. These tips will help you maintain the water heaters for a longer time and get their best performance. 

Water Heater Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve

Start the phase of maintenance by checking the valve for Temperature-Pressure Relief (TPR). When the pressure in the tank reaches the cap, the TPR valve works. First, for TPR valve testing, put a bucket under the pipe that connects to the TPR valve. It is placed on the top or the side of the water tank. By shutting off the cold-water and power valves, proceed to the next stage. Release some water by raising the tap. After a minute, let the valve go. Observe the valve; if the water stops flowing, the valve is functioning correctly, and if the water doesn’t stop hovering, it requires a replacement.

Water Heater Anode Rod 

Testing the anode rod is another significant feature on the water heater maintenance checklist. With the help of a hose on the tank’s drain cock, let out a few gallons of water from the water tank. By connecting one 1/16-inch socket to its hexagonal head, which you can find on top of the heater or under the heater’s top plate, unscrew the anode rod. Measure the thickness of the anode rod if it is thinner than half an inch, or if you see calcium extracts on it, it is time to replace the old anode rod with a new one.

Water Heater Sediment

Water heater tanks can contain sediment, which negatively affects the heater’s efficiency. Drain the water from the reservoir and stir the sediment at the bottom of the pool. Do it while the cold-water source opens briefly. Repeat the steps until the hose comes out with clean and clear water. Then close the drain cock after you see clean water flowing out of the tank’s hose.

Insulation Of The Pipes And The Water Heater

Insulating the water heater’s hot and cold-water pipes avoids condensation, which can deposit rust on the lines. While purchasing the foam pipe insulation, Buy no thicker than 3/8-inch foam pipe insulation. Make sure it fits the diameter of your heater’s pipes.

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