What is a grease trap?
A grease trap or grease interceptor is something that your business needs immediately, especially if you own a deli, restaurant, coffee shop, etc. It is useful to protect both the building and the city drains from blockages caused by fat, oil and grease.


Why you need a grease trap


When grease, fat, oil, but also dairy products get into the sewer system, they become solids again and stick to the pipes. Thus, in time, both your building drains and city drains can be seriously clogged with fatbergs (congealed masses of non-biodegradable solid matter) leading to floods and other damages.


What exactly a grease trap is and how does it work

A grease trap is a special tank system in which wastewater flows before moving into the drains.
  1. The container includes a thing called “baffle”, which works like a wall. It keeps the clean water at the bottom of the trap, while the grease, oils and fats float to the top to be cleaned out. The tank allows only for the clear water, which is safe, to go into the drains system.
  2. The trap usually stops fat, oil and grease coming from three compartment sinks and caused by deep fried food waste, oil and fat used in the cooking process, or from dairy products waste.
  3. When installed appropriately, the trap can also stop grease mopped from the floor and washed into the drains from congealing in the pipes.
  4. This tank can be installed above ground or underground, inside your building or outside. The size and the location of the grease trap in the plumbing system are standardized by authorities, in accordance with your business sector of activity, but also with the current or future demands your business has.
  5. Usually, depending on your type of business, the installation must be approved and checked by several public departments, such as city plumbing department, health department or food administration.


If you need to install a grease trap or you need repairs or replacement for an existing one, contact 1st Response experts. We provide a full range of grease trap services and we walk you through the mandatory authorization process, in accordance with your business’ needs.