Does my home have mold?

You might like mold in your cheese, but for sure you do not want mold or mildew in your home. Mold and mildew can cause real damage both to your house and your health. The most common types of household molds might be found in places with poor ventilation and a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, ceiling tiles, drywall, carpet, wallpaper, under sinks or around the plumbing pipes.


Mold is not always visually seen or easy to find. When you already see black, green, gray or white spots on the walls, then the mold is fully installed in your home.


Learn how to detect mold and address a professional for mold removal:


  1. The mold smells like rotting wood or dirty socks. However, different molds and mildews can have different smells for different people. General rule: if there is a unique bad smell in your house that you cannot pinpoint, start looking for mold.
  2. Mold is a very common allergen. So, if your allergies tend to flare up when you are at home, mold might be the cause.
  3. If you had or have water issues, such as moisture, condensation or leaking pipes, most certainly the mold is growing already in your home. Search for discolored walls, water stains on ceilings or floors. Colonies of mold might grow behind or within these materials.
  4. Past floods are also a common source for mold growth. Moisture on walls and reduced ventilation allow mold to develop.
  5. Mold becomes visible in time. Greenish black spots are definitely a sign that you need to call a professional for mold removal. Smaller mold spores may look like ordinary dirt, so regularly search for those too.


When in doubt, you may use one of those mold test kits available in hardware stores. But we recommend calling in for a professional, who can inspect for mold and also suggest the most efficient solution to remove mold and mildew from your home.


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