▷Does My Water Heater Need Fall Maintenance In San Diego?

Does My Water Heater Need Fall Maintenance In San Diego?

Does My Water Heater Need Fall Maintenance

1st Response Plumber’s answer to this question is simple: YES! You do need maintenance for your water heater in the fall season. The reason is simple. During the winter season, you want the best working of your water heater for which every water heater needs inspection, cleaning, and maintenance at least once a year. The best time for review, cleaning, and maintenance of Water Heater in San Diego CA, is in the fall, where it is in the least use. The water heater’s supervision in the fall ensures that it doesn’t develop any performance-related issues in winter, especially when you expect nothing but the best from your water heater.

Why Water Heater Maintenance Is A Necessity?

Regardless of seasonality, you can notice the importance of a water heater as, on average, water heaters are responsible for 17% of energy bills and 40% of heating costs. This overall consumption of energy by the water heater is more significant than most of the house appliances. Everybody uses a water heater in one way or another every day. If such a device doesn’t get its critical care, it will break down before you even know about it.

Several reasons support the maintenance of the water heater. Top among them is corruption, which requires immediate attention. As soon as the water comes in contact with the metal, forces of corrosion try to dominate. If decay occurs, it will damage the water heater tank, and you will need to replace it. Although the tank is covered with rust-resistant material, it still requires maintenance to do its job. Besides rust-resistant, the anode rod is a crucial component used to protect the tank from rust. However, the anode rod also needs to look after it. Checking of the anode rod is also part of maintenance, where it gets replaced when required. 

On the other hand, we have the formation of silt and sediment. Freshwater contains a variety of dissolved minerals. Upon heating, minerals form a layer of sediment and settle down at the bottom of the tank. Sediment impacts the performance of the water heater. The deposit needs to be flushed depending upon the quantity. It is not something that needs to be washed every year, but during maintenance, the technician will always look if sediment needs to be flushed or not.

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Putting resources into your water heating is putting resources into the life expectancy of your home. 1st Response Plumber provides the best inspection, maintenance, and cleaning services with genuine feelings of serenity. Talking with an expert from a nearby 1st Response Plumber can let you know where your water heater stands. Call us now at (858) 203-0930, and we can provide the best possible service according to the client’s needs and requirements.