▷Dealing With An Overflowing Toilet In San Diego

Dealing With An Overflowing Toilet In San Diego

Dealing With An Overflowing Toilet

If there is a plumbing problem, 1st Response Plumber knows how to deal with it quickly. Among many nightmares, toilet overflow is one of them. That happens to almost everyone. 1st Response Plumber knows how you feel when such a mess takes place. We at 1st Response Plumber will provide you the best Emergency Plumber in San Diego, CA. With our rapid response, we will keep you safe from having a bad day. We provide emergency plumbing services, and we will handle it for you. In case you run into an overflowing toilet, we have some suggestions for you. These suggestions will help you keep yourself calm and to resolve the problem with minimum fuss.

Step 1: Shut Off The Water Flow

Firstly, all you have to do is stop the water supply to the toilet. If you understand how toilets work, then it is a simple step. The bathroom draws water using a feed tube attached to an external valve to fill itself after every flush. The tank operates with a mechanism that stops extracting water from the feed tube when it is full. If the toilet overflows, it means that mechanics have failed to stop water extraction after it gets full. So, you can prevent the overflow of water by just turning off the external valve.

Step 2: “I don’t See A Valve On The Feed Line!”

Sometimes in older toilets, the valve will be missing. For this, open up the lid of the tank, and you will see a chain. Rig up that chain to raise the float enough that will stop the overflow.

Step 3: Call A Professional Plumber

After successfully controlling the water overflow and avoiding the danger of spilling more water all around, now it is time to call a professional plumber to take off your temporary solution.

Step 4: Clean Up As Much Water As You Can

Because of the overflow, there will be water in the toilet near the toilet tank. This water can be dangerous or can cause floor leakage. You can use a wet/dry shop vac to get rid of this water. If you don’t have a wet/dry shop vac, you can use a dry towel. Lay down towels to absorb the water on the ground.

Step 5: Check For Obstructions In The Toilet

If the water is overflowing, then it shows a clogged toilet. To check this, you might need a strong plunger. Use the plunger and see if it can remove the clog and stop the flow. If the plunger doesn’t give a solution, then you need a plumber you have already called.

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