▷5 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down The Toilet In San Diego

5 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down The Toilet In San Diego

5 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down The Toilet In San Diego

Toilet clogs can signify a plumbing problem, but they can also indicate that the wrong materials are being flushed down the toilet repeatedly, causing problems. The faulty materials can also cause local septic tanks, larger sewage systems, and a slew of other plumbing issues.

If there’s one easy rule to follow, it’s this: just use the toilet for toilet paper and waste. There’s nothing else. If you want to be more detailed, here are the top things to stop flushing in your home and why. We’ll also give some pointers on how to repair a stubbornly clogged toilet below!

1. Anything Made Of Cotton

Cotton does not seem like the kind of material that should be flushed down the toilet in the first place. However, cotton balls, cotton pads used for grooming, and Q-tips, among other potential cotton culprits, are commonly found in bathrooms.

2. Diapers And Baby Wipes

Disposable diapers, for example, stink and are inconvenient to deal with, so you should never, ever flush them down the toilet. They’re big, bulky things that can soak up a lot of water and expand to cause major blockages. They still don’t break down properly in pipes or septic systems, necessitating costly specialist services to eliminate them.

3. Other Hygiene Products Of Any Kind

Hygiene items should never be flushed down the toilet. We already listed cotton, but don’t flush them when you’re done with wipes of any kind. Dental floss, band-aids, and disposal contacts are also in the same category. Similarly, do not flush feminine items such as pads or tampons.

4. Condoms

Condoms should not be flushed down the toilet! There is usually a trash can in the bathroom, but there is no portion of the plumbing system equipped to handle condoms. Since latex does not dissolve or degrade, it may build up in septic tanks or make it to the sewage treatment plant, where the plastic content can cause significant problems for the entire system.

5. Paper Towels Or Tissues

While paper towels and tissues have a similar feel to toilet paper, they do not behave in the same way when flushed. Consider the advertisements for paper towel longevity, which are only waiting to clog up an innocent toilet.

How To Clear A Clogged Toilet

Plunge at least a few times, then remove the plunger and check to see if the toilet water is draining, signaling that the clog has been removed. If the water level remains the same, the clog will stay the same. To see if you can pull the clog apart, try two or three sessions of the same plunging technique.

If your toilet is super clogged and your plunger isn’t working, it’s time to call in a professional like 1st Response Plumber to assist you with professional equipment like drain snakes/drills to find the source of the plumbing problem.