▷7 Things To Do When Your Toilet Won't Flush In San Diego

7 Things To Do When Your Toilet Won’t Flush In San Diego

7 Things To Do When Your Toilet Won't Flush In San Diego

Let’s look at how plungers work and what you can do to address this common problem.

  1. Practice Proper Plunging Technique

The first step is practicing the right kind of plunging to fix stubborn toilet clogs.

Look for a plunger which means it narrows at the base to create a smaller opening. The flange is an extension specifically designed to fit deep into a toilet bowl and form a more reliable seal.

Next, carefully insert the flange into the toilet. Press the bell against the toilet bowl to form a tight seal and start steadily plunging, which pushes and pulls air through your toilet plumbing thanks to the little vacuum that you’ve created. 

Continue this motion for about 15 seconds and watch for a sudden decrease in water level that indicates the clog has passed.

  1. Turn Off The Water Supply Valve

The water supply valve controls the flow of water to the toilet. Also called the water shutoff valve, it’s located at the toilet base, usually where the water line exits from the wall. The valve will have a lever or wheel you can turn to shut off all water to the toilet immediately.

  1. See If The Flapper Is Having Trouble

In other cases, it may flush too slowly, for example, or resist flushing at all. There are several internal components you can check on by lifting the back of your toilet off. 

When a toilet is flushed, the flapper is lifted, allowing water to rush into the bathroom. See if the flapper is stuck on something, frozen in place, or warped. 

  1. Check The Flush Handle And Lift Apparatus

If the toilet won’t flush and the flush handle feels strained or unresponsive, start by looking at the handle first. The internal section of the handle could have broken, which means the handle is turning uselessly instead of applying force, and you will need a new handle.

  1. Call In A Plumber With A Drain Snake

At other times, plunging the toilet won’t be very effective, but it will still act like there’s a clog somewhere in the pipes. This can happen when something goes in the toilet that really shouldn’t, repeatedly, like kitty litter or small toys dumped in by toddlers. This can create a severe jam that regular plunging won’t fix.

  1. Adjust The Water Level If Necessary

Your toilet needs a certain amount of water in the tank to flush thoroughly. If the tank water level is too low, flushes will be ineffective. Every bathroom has some fill or inlet valve that can often be adjusted to change the water level while still saving water.

  1. Check For More Permanent Clog Issues

If your toilet won’t unclog with a plunger but does show some improvement, it may be time to call an expert to inspect your pipes.

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