When is it Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

When is it Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

Water heaters are important appliances for one’s comfort and need to be cleaned and checked out on time. They have multiple purposes. From washing dishes, to washing your hands safely to taking relaxing, hot showers. If you find out that your water heater is beyond repair, then a new Water Heater Installation Chula Vista CA, residents need. 

A new, energy efficient system is required which can easily be found at 1st Response Plumber, in Chula Vista CA , at the best possible budget. If the existing one is not reliable anymore, then a new equipment is needed. 

Signs of a new Water Heater Installation

Here are some of the factors when there is time to install a new water heater.   

Age Is not just a Number

Water heaters have a life span of about ten years. After it crosses that, problems arise which require multiple visits to the plumbers. It gets costly and the repairs are not enough. That is why it is better to get a new water heater installed or get a tankless water heater which has a life span of about 20 years or so and will last longer and is more efficient than a tank water heater.

Corroded Water

Erosion inside your container or in the anode rod can cause oxidation and rust the water. That rust cans spoil your utensils, clothing, or anything on which you use that water. Along with that comes the pungent smell of rust in the water, like an egg , which makes it exceedingly difficult to use the water. You can try by changing the anode rod but still if the smell fails to fade then there is a problem with the tank, and you will need to install a new one. 

Water Heater Isn’t Heating

There are numerous probable reasons for a water heater to stop heating. The issue could arise from the thermostat that’s on the water heater or it could come from a broken or cracked heating element inside of it. Occasionally, water heaters that fail to heat up sufficient water are not of the correct size for the property. If a water heater is too small for you and your family’s needs, you will need to have a new one installed. 

Frequent Leaks or Repairs

Following are the most common reasons of why water heaters leak:

  • Overheating
  • High water pressure
  • Cracked temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve
  • Movable drain valve
  • A leak in the water tank
  • A leak from an adjacent plumbing connection
  • Loose heating element

If you observe that there are on and off frequent leaks and your water heater continuously needs repairs, then the best option is to go for a new one instead of wasting money on repairs. 

1st Response Plumber offers professional Water Heater Installation Chula Vista CA services and  repairs. After observing all the above mentioned factors if you think you need an installation of a water heater, then call us directly at (858) 203-0930.