What are the signs your business has water damage?
Pipe leaks can go undetected producing costly water damage to your business. Your space has pipes running throughout it, this includes the insides of your ceilings and walls. Therefore, we recommend that you learn the signs of water damage and protect your business from expensive and time consuming restoration.


Here are some steps to use for regular water damage inspection:


Know your property
Understand the pipe system, find out what is new and what is old, and what areas or equipment can be at risk of leaking and need more monitoring or maintenance. Also, observe your property more carefully during or after any rain storms that could bring water damage, such as roof leaks.


Look for rings
Darker spots on ceilings or walls indicate water damage. Rings around the stain prove that the damage is older. More rings and different shades tell you that the issue is intermittent – the area has been soaked and dried multiple times.


Inspect the spots
Touch the darker spots you find. The drywall or ceiling will be wet, but strong if the damage is newer. If the spot feels soft or squishy, the water had time to soak in and affect the integrity of the material. However, some paint or tile might never soften, making it hard for you to detect and assess how old the water damage is.


Search for mold
Mold can start to grow within 24-48 hours of water damage. If you spot surfaces with visible mold, then the leak has been there for at least a couple of days.


Examine the floor
Search for soft or sagging spots on the floor, especially near sinks or water heaters. Also, water can make tile, laminate and wood floors begin to warp or crack.


Check the pipes
Observe any corrosion around pipe fixtures or oxidation of pipes. Also, examine the water heater system for any rust. All of these indicate current or previous leaks.


Seek professional help to inspect and repair hidden water damage.


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