Why mainline cleaning is essential to routine maintenance

The main sewer line is one of the two core parts of your plumbing system. While the freshwater system brings clean water in your home, the mainline takes all the sewage waste into your septic tank or straight out into the municipal line. Thus, cleaning the main sewer line should be part of your plumbing routine maintenance.

Proper cleaning of the mainline offers countless benefits.

Avoid clogged sinks, bathtubs and toilets

When there is an issue on your mainline, these might be clogging all at once.

Protect your plumbing system

If the main drains suffer clogs, the system experiences malfunctions. The fixtures make odd sounds, the toilet gurgles, and the water flow slows down.

Stay away from foul smell from your drains

When a sewer line gets clogged, bad odors get back through the drains inside your home.

Clean away all buildups, bacteria, and viruses

For proper maintenance, use hydro-jetting to power wash the lines.

Prevent any extensive damage to your home

Serious clogs can easily lead to flooding which can lead to long term structural damage if untreated.

With an auger or a snake, you can keep your system drains clean, remove dirt and debris. However, for thorough cleaning of your sewer line, call the professionals.

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